🎶 Embark on a Musical Journey with Nigerian-Born Hip-Hop Artist Banggz from Ottawa

Dealing with pain can lead us to unexpected places. Ottawa-based hip-hop artist Banggz opens his heart in his latest single “Placebo Effect.” Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and now residing in Ottawa, Banggz channels his emotions through his music, giving us a raw and relatable glimpse into his world.

The song’s catchy chorus paints a vivid picture of leaning on someone to ease the pain. But is it a lover or his passion for music? Banggz’s music video adds layers of meaning, showing the struggle artists face in an industry thirsty for their stories.

Collaborating with filmmaker Tani Olorunyomi, Banggz’s music video for “Placebo Effect” doesn’t shy away from exploring the human condition and the challenges artists face. The imagery is powerful and thought-provoking, inviting us to reflect on the commercialism of creativity.

With a diverse sound inspired by his birthplace and a knack for storytelling, Banggz’s music resonates deeply. From celebrating camaraderie to addressing anxiety, his songs capture a range of emotions. “Placebo Effect” is just a glimpse into the emotional journey he offers.


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