5 Black Bears in a Tree – Unbelievable Nighttime Spectacle in Beautiful BC!

Nature’s awe-inspiring moments unveiled! Just last week, the astonishing sight of five magnificent black bears perched in a tree left an indelible mark against the luminous backdrop of Mackenzie, B.C.’s cityscape.

Such remarkable sights are a testament to the unique wonders of western Canada, unrelatable to those in the east. On October 15, Megan Larsen skillfully captured this extraordinary scene of five black bears amidst the urban lights of Mackenzie, B.C. The image has since circled the globe, garnering thousands of shares. (Photo credit: Megan Larsen)

Bear sightings within residential areas are increasingly common. Remain vigilant during your outdoor ventures.

These agile and inquisitive bears serve as a poignant reminder of the splendor and fascination of our regional wildlife.

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