5 Ways to Find Coupons to Find The Best Coupons

Looking to save money and never pay full price again? Here’s where and how to find coupons in Canada:

1.Tear Pads (In-Store Coupons):
These are pads of coupons that you usually find hanging from a store shelf, displayed in the aisle, or at the front of the store. Check stores like Superstore, Safeway, Independent, and No Frills for new coupons on Wednesday afternoons/evenings.

2.Mail-To-Home Coupons:
Don’t toss that junk mail just yet! Some of those flyers and envelopes may contain valuable coupons.

3. Product Packaging Coupons:
These coupons are enclosed in the package with a product and are redeemable in any outlet where the product named on the coupon is sold. Typically, it offers the subsequent purchase of the product at a reduced price.

4.Newsletters & Mailing Lists:
Sign up for your favorite brands’ or stores’ mailing lists and newsletters to receive exclusive discounts and coupons via email. Sometimes they even offer free samples (which often include coupons) and printable coupons.

5. Printable Coupons:
These are coupons usually from the manufacturer or store that can be printed from the internet. Be sure to check for legitimate sources to avoid scams.

Check out the link below for printable coupons and check it regularly for updates:

Note: It is fraudulent to photocopy coupons.

By using these coupon-finding methods, you can save money on your shopping trips. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments where you find your coupons!

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