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Welcome to Dami Adeniyi’s blog, a platform that showcases the Canadian experience through the lens of an African in the diaspora. We provide an authentic storytelling community that highlights the Canadian experience from the perspective of the African Diaspora. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Africans in the diaspora and the Canadian culture and experience by providing a one-stop hub for the latest news on African success stories, talent, and events.

At Dami Adeniyi, we’re passionate about marketing Africa, her people, and her organizations to the rest of the world. Our platform inspires and motivates Africans in the diaspora while promoting the cultural richness and diversity of Canada. We believe that Canada is enriched by the contributions of all its citizens, including those of African descent, and we celebrate this diversity on our platform.

We seek to provide a positive representation of Africa and our communities, showcasing the often underrepresented beauty and development of Africa and the achievements of her citizens. We’re also committed to helping our followers save money and live their best lives within their budget, which is why we’re known as “The Couponing Immigrant.”

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The Dami Adeniyi


I’m a creative wizard with a serious love for graphic design, new media, and technology. As an African living in Canada, I’ve got a unique perspective to share, and I’m always excited to showcase the beauty of Canadian culture and how it connects with my African roots. I’m a master storyteller, and I’m on a mission to make sure that diverse voices are heard loud and clear. 

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