Amy Ozueh | ACO Repairs & Sales Solutions: 2023 eBay Micro-Multinational Winner

In a celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation and ahead of National Entrepreneur’s Day, eBay Canada recently announced the winners of the 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Among these exceptional entrepreneurs is Amy Ozueh, the founder of Mississauga, ON-based ACO Repairs & Sales Solutions, who was recognized as the 2023 eBay Micro-Multinational of the Year.

The Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, now in its 19th year, is an initiative by eBay Canada that honors Canadian entrepreneurs utilizing eBay’s global marketplace. With over 132 million buyers across 190 markets, eBay provides a platform for businesses to thrive and expand their reach beyond borders. This year’s award winners exemplify the spirit of Canadian entrepreneurship and the potential for global success.

Amy Ozueh’s journey to becoming the 2023 eBay Micro-Multinational of the Year began with her background in repairing manufacturing components. Recognizing an opportunity to do more than just repairs, Amy envisioned selling manufacturing components directly to customers worldwide. Leveraging her industry knowledge and expertise, she founded ACO Repairs & Sales Solutions.

One of the pivotal steps in Amy’s success was the strategic use of eBay as a sales channel. eBay’s global marketplace allowed ACO to offer a wide range of new, used, and refurbished manufacturing components to customers across the globe. This decision opened up a world of possibilities for her business.

Amy’s dedication and innovative approach have paid off remarkably. Today, over 95% of ACO’s eBay sales are cross-border transactions, and more than 20% of these sales reach customers located outside both Canada and the United States. Her ability to cater to a diverse and international customer base showcases her exceptional business acumen.

What sets ACO Repairs & Sales Solutions apart is Amy’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Her deep knowledge of the industry allows her to assist buyers in finding the specific parts they need to meet their business requirements. This dedication to customer satisfaction has played a pivotal role in ACO’s growth and success.

Amy’s achievements are particularly noteworthy as she operates in an industry traditionally dominated by men. Her success in expanding her business beyond national borders demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit and determination to challenge industry norms.

In addition to Amy Ozueh, three other exceptional entrepreneurs were recognized in the 2023 eBay Canada Entrepreneur of the Year Awards:

  • Entrepreneur of the Year: Karn Rai of SlabSharks, Mississauga, ON, has made a significant impact in the world of trading cards and consignments. SlabSharks achieved remarkable growth, breaking seven figures in eBay sales within their first year of operation.
  • Sustainable Seller of the Year: Jimmy Lachance and Genevieve Gaudreault of JLS Distributions, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, have been contributing to a more sustainable ecommerce economy by selling used appliance parts, reducing waste, and supporting local business. Their commitment to environmental sustainability is commendable.
  • Emerging Ecommerce Entrepreneur of the Year: Nick Pasaritis of Partsterr, Montreal, QC, recognized the potential in online automotive parts retail and built Partsterr into one of eBay Canada’s top sellers. His entrepreneurial journey showcases the resilience and success of integrating ecommerce as a new sales channel.

These entrepreneurs, including Amy Ozueh, represent the diversity, innovation, and spirit of the eBay seller community. Their achievements are a testament to the thriving small business landscape in Canada.

This year’s award winners, selected from a record number of online submissions, will receive cash prizes ranging from $5,000 CAD to $10,000 CAD to reinvest in their businesses. In addition to cash prizes, each winner will receive a one-year eBay Store subscription upgrade, a one-year quarterly consultation session program with an eBay Canada business development specialist, and a professional photography session.

As part of its ongoing commitment to support Canadian small business owners, eBay participates in programs like Digital Main Street and the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, offering resources, benefits, and training sessions to help brick-and-mortar businesses transition seamlessly online and integrate with eBay’s commerce platform.

SOURCE: eBay Canada

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