Canada Orders Recall of Highly Caffeinated Prime Energy Drink Backed by KSI and Logan Paul

In a significant development, the federal government has mandated the recall of Prime Energy, a popular energy drink endorsed by social media influencers KSI and Logan Paul, due to its excessive caffeine content. The drink has been found on store shelves in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta, violating Health Canada’s regulations. Each can contains 200 milligrams of caffeine, surpassing the permitted limit by 20 milligrams. Health Canada has taken decisive action to address the health risks associated with the product and safeguard public well-being.

Prime Energy, known for its association with KSI and Logan Paul, has drawn scrutiny from Health Canada. The regulatory authority has emphasized that the drink should not be available for sale in Canada due to its caffeine levels exceeding the permissible limit. Following a thorough health risk assessment conducted by Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued a recall of the product. Detailed information regarding the recall will be made available to the public to ensure transparency and consumer awareness.

The origin of the highly caffeinated version of Prime Energy remains unclear, but it is notable that the brand is backed by influential social media figures, KSI and Logan Paul. Although the company claims compliance with the regulations of the countries it operates in, the presence of the 200-milligram cans in Canadian stores raises questions about adherence to federal regulations and proper distribution channels.

The unauthorized distribution of Prime Energy has raised concerns within the Canadian Beverage Association (CBA), which recognizes the potential for individuals to import the drink and bypass standard food labeling and approval processes. Health experts, including pediatricians, have long expressed concerns about the consumption of highly caffeinated energy drinks, especially among young people. The excessive caffeine levels in such beverages can lead to a range of physical and psychological side effects, including heart palpitations, panic attacks, high blood pressure, and anxiety. The marketing of these drinks to children exacerbates the concerns within the medical community, emphasizing the need for stricter regulation.

The Canadian public is encouraged to report any instances of Prime Energy being sold in stores to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Regulatory authorities will continue their efforts to prevent the unauthorized distribution and sale of non-compliant products. The Health Canada investigation and subsequent recall align with the recent scrutiny of the beverage by U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, who raised concerns about caffeine levels and marketing practices targeting young consumers.

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