Empowering Immigrant Women to Shine: The Remarkable Journey of Esther Hephzibah

Esther Hephzibah’s inspiring journey from Nigeria to Canada is a tapestry woven with resilience, determination, and a deep commitment to fostering empowerment. Her story is one of transformation – not just her own, but the transformation she catalyzes in the lives of immigrant women through her coaching business, Shine Transformation Consulting Solutions. With a rich background as a project manager …

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Unleash Your Potential and Win $10,000! Join The Verdict 2024 Now

Are you a young Black individual in Canada seeking an exciting opportunity to tackle real-world business challenges, earn up to $10,000 in cash, collaborate with fellow innovative minds, and potentially secure a job? Look no further than The Verdict 2024! About The Verdict:The Verdict is an exceptional experience designed for Black youth across Canada. Seize your moment to shine by …

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First African Nova Scotian Chief Judge: Perry Borden’s Historic Appointment

Nova Scotia has marked a momentous occasion with the historic appointment of Perry F. Borden as the inaugural African Nova Scotian chief judge of the provincial and family courts. Brad Johns, Attorney General and Minister of Justice for Nova Scotia, announced this groundbreaking appointment in a news release on August 24th. The effective date of this appointment is Sunday, August …

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Ada Adeleke-Kelani, Uche P. Ezetah, and Kola Oladimeji Vying for CPA Alberta Board in 2023

The 2023 CPA Alberta Board election is on the horizon. This year’s CPA Alberta Board election introduces us to a group of exceptional candidates who are enthusiastic about contributing their expertise and passion to the profession. Ada Adeleke-Kelani, Uche P. Ezetah, and Kola Oladimeji are among the eleven distinguished candidates vying for two positions on the CPA Alberta Board, each …

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Uncovering Wage Disparities: Canadian-Born Black Communities

In a world that values fairness and inclusivity, understanding the complex web of economic disparities is crucial. Statistics Canada’s recent study delves into wage differences among Canadian-born Black communities, revealing a rich tapestry of achievements, challenges, and aspirations. Education, often seen as the gateway to success, emerges as a central theme. The study highlights diverse educational achievements among different Black …

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Launching Your Career Abroad: A Guide for Immigrants With Dr. Wale Tejumade

Stepping onto new shores as an immigrant, the prospect of forging a successful career path might seem like a daunting adventure. This journey, simultaneously thrilling and challenging, is entirely normal to feel a bit disoriented. Whether you’re uncertain about where to begin or striving to secure a job that equals or even surpasses your accomplishments in your homeland, your concerns …

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Empowering Black High School Students in Saskatchewan: The Student Support Learning Program (SSLP)

Are you a Black high school student in Saskatchewan looking for academic support, mentorship, and career readiness? Or do you know anyone who is? The Student Support Learning Program (SSLP) is coming to Saskatchewan through a partnership between the Federation of Black Canadians and Black in Sask  The SSLP offers free after-school programming and mentorship to Black youth in SK, …

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30+ Job Boards and Websites for Remote Work: Benefits, Trends, and Opportunities

Remote work has been a growing trend for years now, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its adoption significantly. Many companies were forced to go remote in 2020, and the trend is likely to continue beyond the pandemic. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of remote work and provide a comprehensive list of websites where you can find …

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