Charity Oga-Omenka Is Leveraging Technology To Enhance Tuberculosis Healthcare.

Charity Oga-Omenka, a distinguished researcher from the University of Waterloo, is spearheading efforts to revolutionize tuberculosis (TB) healthcare globally. Her focus lies in addressing the glaring disparities between public and private healthcare sectors, particularly in regions facing resource constraints such as Nigeria, India, and Indonesia. Through meticulous research, Oga-Omenka investigates the healthcare-seeking behaviors among TB patients, shedding light on the …

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Medical Student Angela Udongwo is on a Mission to Educate Physicians on interpreting X-rays of Black Patients with Braids, Locs, and Twists.

Angela Udongwo, a Nigerian-American medical student at Temple University, is actively addressing a critical issue in radiology regarding the interpretation of X-rays for Black patients with braids, twists, and locs. Her collaboration with her mentor, radiologist Hillel Maresky, aims to educate physicians on distinguishing between artifacts caused by these hairstyles and genuine signs of illness. This initiative is pivotal in …

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🎓 19 exceptional Black scholars in Canada are receiving funding awards for vital heart and brain research! Presented by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Brain Canada, and CIHR-ICRH. 🧠

The Heart and Stroke Foundation, in collaboration with Brain Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (CIHR-ICRH), recently announced the recipients of the first-ever Personnel Awards for Black Scholars in Canada. The awards aim to promote Black representation within the heart and/or brain health research community. Here is the list of the 19 …

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452,000 Men Lost Annually to Suicide. Let’s Change the Story this International Men’s Day! 💙

To all the incredible men out there, Happy International Men’s Day to all the incredible men, including our fathers, brothers, uncles, friends, and mentors. I want to take a moment to honor each and every one of you. You are valued, appreciated, and an integral part of our world. Your strength, resilience, and compassion shape the world around us in …

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Health Advisory: Salmonella Outbreak Linked to “Malichita” Cantaloupes in B.C.

The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and regional health authorities have issued an alert regarding a Salmonella outbreak linked to imported cantaloupes sold under the “Malichita” label. Eight confirmed cases of a rare Salmonella strain have emerged in B.C. since mid-November, affecting individuals aged from zero to 68. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, nausea, and vomiting. The Canadian …

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Nigerian Man Fined $7,500 for Smuggling Crocodile Meat!

In February 2022, Adeleke Abubakar Ali-Ibironke, a Nigerian national, faced a penalty of $7,500 for attempting to smuggle crocodile meat into Canada when he arrived at Calgary International Airport. The discovery was made during a routine inspection by vigilant officers from the Canada Border Services Agency. What set this incident apart from a standard customs check was the nature of …

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The Kickback: Sickle Cell Awareness Month Rooftop BBQ – Edmonton

As September unfolds, so does the significance of Sickle Cell Awareness Month. In the spirit of raising awareness and fostering unity, NotJustYou presents an engaging event that offers both enjoyment and a deeper connection – The Kickback: Sickle Cell Awareness Month Rooftop BBQ. When and Where: Date and Time: Mon, Sep 4, 2023 | 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM MDTLocation: …

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Canada Orders Recall of Highly Caffeinated Prime Energy Drink Backed by KSI and Logan Paul

In a significant development, the federal government has mandated the recall of Prime Energy, a popular energy drink endorsed by social media influencers KSI and Logan Paul, due to its excessive caffeine content. The drink has been found on store shelves in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta, violating Health Canada’s regulations. Each can contains 200 milligrams of caffeine, surpassing the permitted …

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6 Key Takeaways from Canada’s Updated Alcohol Guidance You Need to Know

Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health was updated on January 2023, bringing significant changes to the country’s alcohol consumption recommendations. With the goal of promoting informed decisions and better health outcomes, the new guidelines replace the 2011 Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines. Let’s delve into the key takeaways and understand why less is better when it comes to alcohol and your …

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