Discover How Ronke Edoho’s 9jafoodie Blog is Revolutionizing Nigerian Cuisine and Promoting Healthier Eating Habits

Ronke Edoho is a Chartered Professional Accountant by day, but she is also the founder and creative administrator of the popular Nigerian food blog, Her goal is to provide easy-to-follow, wholesome recipes to home cooks like herself, with a focus on improving well-being through better nutrition. Ronke is a certified Nutrition and Clinical Weight Loss Specialist, and the author of the cookbook Lose It Nigerian. Her cookbook offers healthy modifications to traditional Nigerian recipes, making them ideal for people who are interested in clean eating and weight loss. Ronke’s recipes are rooted in tradition but presented with a modern flair, and she strives to simplify traditional African recipes as much as possible. She hopes to one day have a farm and develop African food-centered agricultural products.

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