Dr. John Owojori Shifts from Saskatoon University-Sutherland to Southeast within the Saskatchewan Party

Dr. John Owojori, who previously announced his bid as a Saskatchewan Party candidate for Saskatoon University-Sutherland in mid-2023, has redirected his candidacy efforts to Saskatoon Southeast within the Saskatchewan Party. The announcement confirming his approval as an MLA nomination candidate for Saskatoon Southeast was made in December.

Dr. Owojori’s recent approval as an MLA nomination candidate for Saskatoon Southeast underscores his dedication to expanding his service to include Rosewood, Briarwood, and sections of Lakewood within the Saskatchewan Party’s mandate. This shift aligns with his ongoing commitment to addressing the diverse needs of these communities in preparation for the upcoming 2024 Saskatchewan general election.

For more information about Dr. John Owojori’s background and vision for the Saskatoon Southeast constituency within the Saskatchewan Party, visit his official website: John Owojori’s Website.

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