Honoring Excellence: Lynn Jones, Mary A. Tidlund, and Masai Ujiri Receive the Order of Canada

In a heartwarming celebration of exceptional accomplishments, a group of outstanding individuals has been acknowledged with appointments to the esteemed Order of Canada. In June 2023, Governor-General Mary Simon unveiled 85 new inductees to the Order, comprising three companions, 22 officers, and 60 members. Among these distinguished recipients, we proudly cast a spotlight on three exceptional African Canadians: Lynn Jones, Mary A. Tidlund, and Masai Ujiri. Their narratives of triumph, dedication, and empathy serve as a wellspring of inspiration for us all.

Lynn Jones: A Champion of Equality and Advocacy

Lynn Jones’ unwavering dedication to equality and social justice has merited her a well-earned position on the Order of Canada roster. A fervent labor organizer, Lynn’s tireless endeavors have paved the way for affirmative transformations within workplaces. Through her resolute commitment to advancing equity and human rights, she has demonstrated that resolute individuals can indeed reshape society for the better. Lynn’s tale encourages us to champion righteousness and challenge constraints, irrespective of the obstacles we encounter.

Mary A. Tidlund: From Industrial Triumph to Philanthropic Leadership

Mary A. Tidlund’s journey exemplifies the transformative potential of philanthropy. After a thriving career in the oil industry, Mary redirected her focus to establish the Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation. This initiative has positively impacted innumerable lives, both locally and globally. Mary’s transition from a prosperous businesswoman to a philanthropic trailblazer teaches us that success transcends personal attainments; it entails employing our influence to uplift and empower others.

Masai Ujiri: A Visionary Leader On and Off the Court

Masai Ujiri, renowned for his pivotal role as the President of the Toronto Raptors, has achieved eminence not only in the NBA but also as a humanitarian. Ujiri’s dedication to positive change led to the establishment of the Giants of Africa Foundation, concentrating on education and empowerment. His odyssey underscores that leadership surpasses titles; it encompasses leveraging our platforms to uplift others and effect enduring change.

The remarkable feats of Lynn Jones, Mary A. Tidlund, and Masai Ujiri illuminate the remarkable potential within each of us to effect positive change. Their tales manifest that even in the face of challenges, perseverance and a fervor for enhancing the world can lead to profound accomplishments.


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