Massive Heist at Toronto Pearson International Airport: Over $15M of Gold and Valuables Stolen

Toronto Pearson International Airport has become the center of attention after a massive heist on Monday, April 17th, resulting in the theft of over C$20m ($15m, £12m) worth of gold and other valuables from an aircraft container that arrived at the airport. Police believe the heist took place in the cargo holding facility where the container was transported.

The missing container measured about 5 sq ft (.46 sq m) in size and held other items of monetary value, in addition to gold. However, officials have not disclosed the airline responsible for shipping the cargo, its origin, or intended destination. As the investigation continues, authorities are examining all potential avenues to locate the missing goods.

Although it’s not uncommon for precious metals to be transported through airports, this heist is one of the largest in Canadian history. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the incident did not pose a danger to travelers, and police don’t classify it as a public safety issue.

This heist is reminiscent of another high-profile theft that occurred in Canada back in 2011 and 2012, called the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist. In this event, thieves stole 3,000 tonnes of syrup worth $18.7m from a storage facility in Quebec, attracting global attention and inspiring a documentary.

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