Pacific FC Locks In Dada-Luke and Mukumbilwa for the Upcoming Season!

Pacific FC announces the re-signing of fan-favorite Kunle Dada-Luke and defensive powerhouse Georges Mukumbilwa. The Canadian Premier League is set to witness the dynamic duo’s return, promising a season filled with electrifying performances and unwavering team spirit.

Kunle Dada-Luke: The Headband Maestro Returns for a Fourth Season!

Known for his distinctive headband chic and relentless box-to-box playing style, Dada-Luke has become a cornerstone of Pacific FC’s identity. Overcoming a head injury last season, the energetic defender made an impressive 32 appearances across all competitions in 2023. Coach James Merriman praises Dada-Luke’s big energy and ability to create attacks in transition, making him an indispensable asset to the team.

Georges Mukumbilwa: The Resilient Defender Set for a Third Season!

Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in a Rwandan refugee camp, Mukumbilwa brings resilience and determination to Pacific FC. A former Vancouver Whitecaps MLS defender, Mukumbilwa, at 24, has already represented Canada at the Under-18 level. Coach Merriman commends his amazing character, humility, and consistent work rate, foreseeing a bright future for the versatile fullback.

With the best teams building from the back out, Pacific FC strategically secures Dada-Luke and Mukumbilwa, two of the most dynamic and versatile fullbacks in the Canadian Premier League. As the pillars of the defense, their roles are crucial in shaping the team’s success.

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