Shakira, Nneka, Harmony, Bobbie, Alexia, and Willma Competing for the Title of Miss Universe Canada

The stage is set, the anticipation is high, and the 72nd annual Miss Universe Canada pageant is in full swing. Six incredible women, each with their unique story and drive, are stepping into the spotlight to compete for the coveted title. Alongside 57 other contestants from all corners of Canada, these remarkable individuals are shining examples of empowerment, advocacy, and positive change. With the grand finale just around the corner, excitement is palpable as Vancouver prepares to crown the new Miss Universe Canada.

It’s not just about glitz and glamour; it’s about showcasing what these women stand for, the dreams they’ve pursued, and the impact they’ve already made. The journey of these contestants reflects their personal achievements, their dedication to community, and their unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Willma Gendb: A Visionary Advocate and Inspiring Force

Height: 5’11 | Hometown: Kitchener, ON | Languages: English, French, Arabic| Occupation: Student (St. Louis’ Hairstyling and Barber program)

Willma Gendb, a Sudanese-Canadian dynamo, embodies empowerment and determination. From a background in Human Resources to an apprenticeship in hairstyling, she is more than her ambitions. Willma is an influential activist, published international model, and the driving force behind #IamWillow, uplifting women in business. With a foundation dedicated to aiding vulnerable individuals, a cosmetic brand promoting inclusivity, and her charismatic advocacy, Willma is reshaping beauty standards and inspiring change. Her journey symbolizes that dreams are realized through dedication, drive, and a commitment to fostering a better world.

Alexia Nelson: A Multilingual Dreamer with a Passion for Engineering

Height: 5’9 | Hometown: Montréal, QC | Languages: English, French, Creole | Occupation: Engineering Student

Alexia Nelson, a proud resident of Montreal’s diverse cultural landscape, is a polyglot whose upbringing was steeped in values of culture, art, and exploration. Raised by parents who nurtured her curiosity through travel, literature, and the arts, Alexia embodies the fusion of intellect and creativity. Currently pursuing an engineering degree, she is not only a STEM enthusiast but also an avid bookworm with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. A culinary aficionado with a flair for organizing events, she’s also committed to giving back through volunteering for various non-profit organizations. Alexia’s dedication, determination, and dreams make her a strong and capable individual ready to conquer life’s challenges.

Bobbie Williams: Thrill-Seeker and Impact-Maker

Height: 5’9 | Hometown: Toronto, ON | Languages: English | Occupation: Accounts Manager, Operations

Bobbie Williams, an adventurous soul with an innate desire to make a positive impact, was born in Jamaica and found her way to Canada at the age of 11. Armed with a degree in finance and data analytics, Bobbie’s journey led to an internship at the United Nations, where she contributes to global development initiatives. A dedicated volunteer and language learner (Spanish), Bobbie believes in the power of diversity, exemplified through her work at an influencer marketing agency. With a penchant for thrilling adventures, including skydiving near Niagara Falls, Bobbie’s vivacious personality mirrors her commitment to creating a better world.

Harmony Ilunga: Empowering Voices, Cultivating Diversity

Height: 5’7 | Hometown: Toronto, ON | Languages: English, French, Lingala | Occupation: Entrepreneur

Harmony Ilunga, a model, entrepreneur, and human rights activist hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, found her roots in Hong Kong as a refugee. Holding a degree in Psychology and a Diversity and Inclusion certificate from Cornell University, Harmony’s journey is marked by resilience. In 2018, she established Harmony HK to amplify marginalized voices, later founding the first diverse model agency in Hong Kong. Her commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment led her to Forbes’ “30 under 30” list. Harmony envisions using her platform to elevate newcomers’ stories, emphasizing the transformational power of their experiences and contributions. With a steadfast focus on mental health and societal progress, Harmony’s aspirations extend to nurturing a world of belonging and opportunity for all.

Shakira Ibrahim: A Dance Enthusiast and Future Educator

Height: 5’5 | Hometown: Windsor, ON | Languages: English | Occupation: Student at University Windsor (Bachelors of Criminology and Psychology)

At 5’5″, Shakira Ibrahim hails from Windsor, Ontario, and is currently a Criminology and Psychology student at the University of Windsor. Starting her pageant journey just two years ago, she achieved finalist status in Miss World Ontario and claimed titles like Miss Windsor World 2021 and Miss LaSalle 2023. A devoted dancer, Shakira’s decade-long experience includes leading the University Windsor’s Lancer Competitive Dance Team. Beyond dance, she aims to address homelessness in her community, with a bachelor’s degree as a stepping stone toward her goal of contributing to the education sector.

Nneka Eleh: Bridging Cultures, Creativity, and Empowerment

Height: 5’9 | Hometown: Oakville, ON | Languages: English | Occupation: Account Manager

Nneka Eleh seamlessly blends her Nigerian heritage and Canadian upbringing. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and now residing in Oakville, she’s a beacon of empowerment. Balancing tech, acting, and writing, Nneka’s passion for storytelling led her to co-write a play and star in indie films. Her commitment to showcasing strong women and embracing cultural narratives is evident in her podcast “Efuna Africa.” A consultant and aspiring author, Nneka embodies depth and creativity. With an unwavering connection to her heritage, she’s on a mission to reshape media narratives, championing women’s worth and elevating diverse voices.

The entire competition can be streamed live on the official Miss Universe Canada YouTube page.

To support any of these contestants for the Miss Universe Canada’s People’s Choice title, click here. The three leading delegates with the highest votes from June 26th to August 17th (9pm PST) will be unveiled at the conclusion of the preliminary round. Voting for these top three contestants will persist until August 19th at 7pm PST. The victor of the People’s Choice Award will be disclosed during the final competition and will secure a spot among the top 20 semi-finalists. The total count of delegates stands at 63. To cast your vote for any of these women for Miss Universe Canada’s People’s Choice, click here.


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