The Beauty of Differences: ‘I See Colour’ by Nigerian-Canadian Author Barine Ngbor

In an increasingly diverse world, instilling values of kindness, respect, and acceptance in our children from an early age is paramount. These values lie at the core of Barine Ngbor’s heartwarming children’s book, “I See Colour: The Amazing Life of Bolu Davis.” This emotionally charged and beautifully illustrated book takes young readers on a journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the beauty found in our differences.

Barine Ngbor, a talented Nigerian-Canadian writer, skillfully captures the essence of diversity through the eyes of Bolu Davis, an eight-year-old Nigerian-Canadian girl. Bolu’s outlook on the world is influenced by her dual heritage and her diverse circle of friends. In a world often marred by division and discrimination, “I See Colour” illuminates the shared humanity that unites us all.

“I See Colour” delves into the life of Bolu Davis, an inquisitive and adventurous eight-year-old. Bolu’s unique perspective, stemming from her multicultural background, offers young readers a fresh and relatable lens through which to view their own lives. The book not only helps children embrace the richness of their own identities but also imparts the value of celebrating diversity.

Barine Ngbor, who embarked on her storytelling journey at the age of six, harnesses the power of storytelling to convey essential life lessons. Her writing is engaging and inspirational, making “I See Colour” a valuable addition to any child’s reading list. Ngbor’s experience as a Canadian resident originally from Nigeria uniquely positions her to address the intricacies of identity and diversity.

The captivating illustrations in “I See Colour” are the creation of Erica Metta, a self-taught artist and illustrator from Nigeria. Erica’s bold use of colors and expressive characters adds depth to the story. The book showcases characters with albinism and vitiligo, highlighting that there is no single way to define ‘Black.’ Through Erica Metta’s art, readers are encouraged to see the beauty in our differences.

The captivating illustrations that bring "I See Colour" to life are the work of Erica Metta, a self-taught artist and illustrator from Nigeria.
The captivating illustrations that bring “I See Colour” to life are the work of Erica Metta, a self-taught artist and illustrator from Nigeria.

Barine Ngbor’s personal journey from Nigeria to Canada provided her with a fresh perspective on the world. During the pandemic, she began to notice the microaggressions and racism faced by people of color in Canada. This eye-opening experience inspired the title of her book, “I See Colour: The Amazing Life of Bolu Davis.” The book is a heartfelt exploration of the differences that make humanity beautiful and the importance of embracing diversity.

“I See Colour: The Amazing Life of Bolu Davis” introduces readers to Bolu Davis, an eight-year-old Nigerian-Canadian girl whose friends and classmates come from diverse backgrounds. The book gently but effectively teaches that there’s no single definition of ‘Black’ and that our differences are what make us unique.

Since its publication, “I See Colour” has received enthusiastic support. Barine Ngbor has conducted readings at public libraries in Moncton and Fredericton, and the book proudly graces the shelves of local bookstores. This project not only showcases her storytelling abilities but also serves as a source of inspiration for young readers.

When she’s not writing, Barine Ngbor enjoys reading, swimming, painting, and spending time with her family. She recently graduated with a bachelor of science in biochemistry and psychology and aspires to become a plastic surgeon to work with children who have cleft lips. Her journey continues, and her commitment to creating meaningful stories that promote diversity and inclusion remains unwavering.

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