Victoria Adesanmi: The Creative Mind Behind the Barbie Malibu DreamHouse

Nigerian-American interior designer, Victoria Adesanmi, has taken the spotlight with her remarkable work on the real-life Barbie Malibu DreamHouse, a stunning replica of the iconic doll’s residence. The DreamHouse, which was listed on Airbnb in July, captivates with its design and attention to detail, a result of Victoria’s creative direction.

Victoria Adesanmi is the founder and principal of Aesthetics Studios, a design company known for crafting artistic spaces for celebrities, brands, and events. She played a pivotal role as the creative director in transforming a Malibu mansion into a whimsical pink paradise that echoes Barbie’s distinctive style and personality.

This unique collaboration between Airbnb and Mattel, the toy company behind Barbie, was inspired by the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie. The DreamHouse features elements from the film, including iconic outfits and props. Inside, guests can explore various amenities such as a hobby room, personal cinema, infinity pool, outdoor meditation zone, and a closet filled with Barbie and Ken’s ensembles and accessories.

Victoria’s journey as a designer is marked by collaboration and innovation. Formerly a color and material designer at Adidas, she created livable art for renowned figures like Beyoncé and Kanye West. Her journey led her to establish her own firm, Aesthetics Studios, in 2021. In a recent feature with Architectural Digest, Victoria shared insights into her design philosophy and showcased her peaceful LA apartment.

The DreamHouse had previously been listed on Airbnb in 2019 to commemorate the doll’s 60th anniversary. It had been revitalized with Barbie’s signature pink hues and a fresh energy known as “Kenergy.” While Ken was the designated Airbnb host (though absent), fortunate guests had the opportunity to spend a night in his cowboy-themed room, which was complete with interactive experiences.

Victoria Adesanmi’s impact as a designer extends beyond her remarkable projects. Her work on the DreamHouse has inspired accolades and admiration from individuals who recognize her talent and determination. Through her collaborations and creations, she continues to make a profound mark in the design world.


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