Wesley Ogude: Trailblazing Nigerian-Canadian Business Leader

In the realm of Canadian business, one name resounds with visionary leadership and exceptional achievements – Wesley Ogude. Hailing from Nigeria, this entrepreneur-turned-executive has carved an enduring legacy as one of Canada’s eminent business leaders, redefining success and fostering lasting wealth.

As the Group CEO of Springwells Group of Companies, Ogude is not just a captain at the helm; he’s a transformational force. This Canadian private equity juggernaut operates across North America and Nigeria, driven by Ogude’s strategic acumen. Yet, his influence transcends profit margins; he empowers high net worth professionals, leading them towards financial independence.

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Ogude has steered through diverse industries, including investment banking, IT consulting, logistics, and real estate. His multifaceted expertise isn’t just a résumé highlight; it’s the bedrock of his visionary entrepreneurship. His mastery spans Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Wealth Consulting, underpinning his ascent as a trailblazer in the community.

Ogude’s Canadian journey commenced in 2001, a leap of faith towards new prospects. His talents as a Certified SAP Application Consultant earned him recognition, propelling him to lead monumental ERP implementations for global giants. Industry stalwarts like General Electric and Purolator Inc. took note, and Ogude seized leadership positions, becoming Purolator Inc.’s first black Finance Director.

Ogude’s finance wizardry wasn’t just about numbers; it was about impact. He orchestrated intricate outsourcing contracts that saved Purolator Inc. CAD$85 Million – a testament to his strategic acumen. Such achievements granted him a prestigious corporate scholarship, leading to an Executive MBA from Queen’s School of Business, graduating with distinction in 2010.

In 2012, Ogude embraced entrepreneurship, establishing startups across borders. His entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish, evidenced by his roles as Group Finance Director at Canacede Group of Company and Head of Cash Treasury at Oxford Properties – a heavyweight in Canada’s real estate landscape.

Beyond boardrooms, Ogude is a beacon of philanthropy and mentorship. He guides young professionals across continents, garnering accolades, including the prestigious Black History award from the Toronto Police. His dedication reflects in his academic prowess, holding three accounting designations across Nigeria, Canada, and the USA.

Ogude’s contributions have garnered him a spot among Canada’s 100 most influential black Canadians. This recognition cements his legacy as a visionary leader, shaping the future of business. Partnering with Springwells Consulting and Management Services Limited, Ogude extends an invitation to the transformative EMC Int. Conference.

Together with EMC International, Ogude co-hosts the EMC Int. Conference – an event designed for senior professionals in oil and gas, banking, IT, and telecommunications. Set across Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt on September 12th-13th, 15th-16th, and 19th-20th, 2023, this conference offers a roadmap to thriving in Canada’s executive realm, bolstered by strategic partnerships


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