Young Black Professional (YBP) Hosts Virtual Event on Redefining the Black Narrative through Creative Arts

Young Black Professional (YBP) has been hosting virtual events on the topic of Legacy Building over the past few months. The discussions have focused on Black economic empowerment and how intentional self-care supports the individual and collective legacy of the community.

The upcoming event in this series, which is set to take place on Thursday, April 20th, will focus on the contribution of Black professionals in the creative arts industry towards the unraveling and retelling of Black history and stories. The event will explore how this work can shift the narratives attributed to Black communities and how creative arts professionals can assist in the creation of stories by and for Black people.

YBP’s panel of esteemed guests, including MaCMuwsa, Dorothé Kanku, and Gerard Etienne, will discuss the power of stories and art in shaping new narratives, as well as practical strategies for using these tools to rebrand the Black experience. The event aims to advance the conversation on whether there is a need for a strategic and intentional rebrand for Black people.

The previous events in the Legacy Building series have emphasized the importance of intentional self-care and creating a more prosperous legacy for future generations. By intentionally creating new narratives and rebranding the Black experience, YBP believes that the community can contribute to this goal.

The event on April 20th is an opportunity to learn from the panelists and connect with other Young Black Professionals who share a passion for creating a better future for the community.

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